Be a Start-Up’s First Lawyer

Want to be a start-up’s first lawyer? Hear what the Lawyer Whisperer has to say on the topic:

“Today, the start-up market is active and legal hiring continues at a swift pace. Executives are adding in house counsel at earlier stages, but the timing varies and is governed by the following factors: volume of legal work, need for a legal infrastructure, company funding, readying for an IPO, rapid growth, revenue, potential acquisition. The profile and experience of these lawyers varies as well. For a mid-stage company, the legal role is typically slotted at a director level with a Director of Legal Affairs, Head of Legal or even most recently, a General Counsel title. These lawyers possess between 8-15 years of experience and are almost always commercial lawyers.”

Read: Be a Start-Up’s First Lawyer at The Lawyer Whisperer

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