Robot Interviews to Catch White Lies

Robot Interviews

Robot interviews are already here, but you may not know it. Companies are using AI technology to detect whether you are being truthful, how you are really feeling about the interview process or whether there might be issues you are not revealing. So, while you are preparing to make your best impression, you should be aware that your human interviewer is not the only one evaluating you.

“Ever stretched the truth a bit during an interview? While your interviewer might not catch a small embellishment about past responsibilities or coworker relationships, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can. Increasingly, companies are turning to AI during applicant screenings and using this technology to evaluate facial movements. The goal? Spot white lies, disdain for questions, and even issues with past bosses or co-workers that might otherwise escape detection.”

Read: Will Your Next Job Interview Be with a Robot? at YourCareerIntel (Lucas Group)

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