How to Review Incoming Contracts Like A Pro

Review Incoming Contracts

Landed an in-house counsel job that requires reviewing incoming contracts? A significant number of in-house counsel jobs involve contracting skills, and in many cases you are reviewing contracts developed by your counterparty rather than your own organization’s library of templates. Don’t fret, this is all part of the job and Contract Nerds can help you turn around a redline faster than you think. Keep in mind that even on a return draft you do not want to alienate your counterparty and get things off to a bad start. Indeed, the contracting process itself can have a big impact on how the parties work together once the contractual documentation is finalized. Contract Nerds is a great resource that keeps on growing. If you are reviewing incoming contracts or developing or negotiating your own paper, Contract Nerds can be a great resource for newbies, experienced contract negotiators, and everyone in between.

“When I first started redlining the other party’s template (aka paper), the task felt daunting and even (dare I say?) scary. I didn’t know where to start and worried I would miss important terms that my company needed to protect itself. With each counterparty paper I’ve reviewed and redlined, I’ve realized the process doesn’t have to keep me up at night or cause cold sweats. Here are six steps to make your next counterparty paper review smoother and faster…”

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