Seven Ways Lawyers Can Reduce Client Stress

Client Stress

Client stress is not something that disappears when a lawyer moves in-house. In fact, client stress may increase as an in-house counsel faces a multitude of clients within the corporate umbrella who are clamoring to have their legal issues resolved. Being an in-house counsel may actually bring you closer to client stress because you are, in fact, part of the client and living and breathing the same air.

Fortunately, mechanisms to reduce client stress that apply in the client/law firm environment also can be employed in the in-house environment. Being a corporate lawyer is not a bullshit job.

“We can’t alleviate all the stressors felt by our clients in the course of their legal matters, but when lawyers, law firms and clients work together, the stress can be reduced and effectively managed. Here are tactics that firms and lawyers can use to ensure clients are satisfied, informed and less stressed.”

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