The In-House Counsel’s Quest for Control

Quest for Control

You may not realize it, but you are on a quest for control. That is how you are wired and see the world around you. You are not alone, the quest for control is a common trait, especially among in-house counsel and it can be exhausting at times:

“Many of us who went to law school, including yours truly, are control freaks … whether we admit to it or not, we want control of our careers, our future, our lives….I can control my environment for the most part, make choices about how to best use my time, and no one can fire me. And yet, I continually put myself into positions where the quest for control is consciously made in the face of the uncontrollable….I have spent enough time with you to conclude that in-house counsel are constantly on quests for control. Control of your career, your internal clients, your matters and cases, and workload. And you are on your control quests in the face of the most uncontrollable setting imaginable: the corporate beast.”

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