Pandemic Job Hunting Has Legal Workers Stressed

Pandemic Job Hunting

Pandemic job hunting has legal workers stressed across the pond and certainly here in the United States as well. You cannot always pick the time during which you find yourself job hunting, but you can take proactive steps from multiple fronts to help land an in-house counsel job. As the United States continues to re-open in waves, in-house counsel job openings are increasing. In some cases, companies are seeking talent in multiple States where they have facilities in an effort to attract talent in areas less affected by the pandemic. Do not forget to lean on your in-house counsel recruiters to help you through the process. The profession has faced challenges in the past, including the 2008 financial crisis, and those who keep at it and leverage all available resources will fare the best as the legal job market settles into a New Normal.

“The majority of legal workers feel stressed about job hunting amid the coronavirus outbreak, new research has shown. Sixty-seven percent of people working within the UK legal sector feel stressed about finding a new role in the current climate. More than one in four (29%) of the 1,100 professionals surveyed have put their job search on hold due to COVID-19 and of those that are still looking, only one in five (20%) have been able to secure a new role.”

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