Top Ten Most Popular Office 365 Tips For Lawyers

Office 365 Tips

Office 365 tips for lawyers, oh my! At a CLE a few years ago on Office 365, the presenter said that Microsoft rarely gets a feature request that it doesn’t try to incorporate into its Office 365 products. The result is that your favorite and oft-used features may then be relegated to sub-menus that take 15 clicks to reach if you are lucky enough to find them. Seriously, didn’t Microsoft Office work great in 1995 (sorry millenial lawyers) without the ability to add TikTok videos to your legal brief and stylize your contracts in the Klingon language? Ok, enough venting, and time for the main event. Office 365 tips for lawyers! Head over and listen to the podcast and download the transcript. You’ll be saving time and hopefully retaining hair that you otherwise would have pulled out. Eventually, AI will do this all for you (or instead of you), but for the time being let’s get more productive.

“Our new Digital Edge podcast, The Ten Most Popular Office 365 Tips For Lawyers, is really quite special.  I can almost guarantee you will learn at least one thing that you will immediately start to use. Our guest is Danielle DavisRoe, who is a senior consultant at Affinity Consulting Group. She has co-authored legal-specific manuals on Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams and has produced digital courses on Microsoft Word and Outlook. She is knowledgeable and engaging. One tip that saves you several minutes each day will quickly compensate for the 22 minutes spent listening to this podcast.”

Source: The Ten Most Popular Office 365 Tips For Lawyers at Law Practice Tips