The Surprising Benefits of Negative Feedback

Don’t fear reviews, don’t fear negative feedback and don’t be hesitant to ask others what they think – the benefits are greater than their downsides:

“As humans, we care about what others think. This means we crave feedback from those around us, especially as it concerns our performance. But even though we love to hear how we’re doing, we often hesitate to ask because we fear the negative feedback we might receive. In my experience, what we really fear is what this feedback means about who we are and how we’re doing. We think feedback communicates the real, whole picture. In reality, negative feedback is a mix of truths and opinions, of things that can be confirmed and things that may or may not be true. The key to accepting and moving on from negative feedback is to know who you are and use it is a tool to help you further understand others and their perception of you…”

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