‘Mindfulness’ Movement Spreads to Legal Field

If you haven’t heard of the mindfulness movement, well, that says something about where your mind is.  Read on to learn more about its spread to the legal profession:

“For many lawyers, the pressure to bill hours has never been more intense, the pace never more punishing. The result, as many have observed, has been high rates of attrition, depression and fatigue. That’s where “mindfulness” comes in. A Zen-inspired blend of meditation, breathing exercises and focus techniques, the practice of mindfulness isn’t a new development and has been championed by blue-chip employers like Google and General Mills as a simple but potent mind-sharpening tool. But as The Wall Street Journal reports, the movement is on the cusp of a more improbable breakthrough into the field of law…”

Read: ‘Mindfulness’ Movement Spreads to Legal Field at the WSJ Law Blog.  Intrepid InhouseBlog readers may also want to check out the following by the Pixies:


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