Maintaining Career Momentum During the COVID19 Crisis

Maintaining Career Momentum

Maintaining career momentum during the Covid-19 crisis is not only possible, it is necessary. Like businesses and other organizations, you want to put yourself in the best position for success down the road. Be safe, but do not take your foot off the gas at this time. Companies need effective legal counsel now more than ever. While you are at it, don’t forget to learn new career skills while you may have more time or flexible work arrangements.

“Here we are, in the middle of a pandemic.  You might be just at the beginning of your job search, you might have just had a number of interviews postponed, or you might have been negotiating a job offer.  And suddenly, everything seems on hold, and you do not know what to expect. Indeed, the one word that perfectly sums up the current state of affairs in our economy, in our country, and in the world is unpredictability.  The outbreak of covid-19, the coronavirus, has put us all in uncharted territory, and it will likely take a little time for us to get accustomed to the new normal. That said, this is not a time for you to give up hope on your job search. Quite the contrary, you need to keep that momentum going.”

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