Deloitte Enters the Legal Services Market

Legal Services Market

As Deloitte enters the legal services market, we must pause and reflect on the hordes of bean-counters poised to rampage through the profession. Strategy? We could become accountants. But we can’t do math, which is why we became lawyers.

“Accountancy giant Deloitte has been awarded an alternative business structure (ABS) licence, six months after it unveiled plans to go head-to-head with law firms. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has approved Deloitte’s application to operate as a multi-disciplinary practice. The licence — which came into effect on 15 June — allows the firm to provide reserved legal services in the UK, namely rights of audience, conduct of litigation, reserved instrument activities, probate activities and administration of oaths. Today’s confirmation means all ‘Big Four’ bean counters now have a legal arm. PwC‘s legal operation secured ABS status at the start of 2014, while KPMG and EY received SRA approval later that same year.”

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