Lawyers With AI Skills Can Earn Nearly 50% More

lawyers with AI skills

Bots coming to take your job? Well, maybe. But for now lawyers with AI skills can make nearly 50% more than other lawyers, so it’s time to learn some new “skillz”.  While it is key to monitor how AI may impact your organization (by subscribing to the very popular AI Blog, for example), you also need to immerse yourself in the technology itself. AI is already permeating tools by top vendors such as Thomson Reuters and Lexis Nexis, and Biglaw is steaming ahead in adoption along with in-housers on the leading edge. For those less technically inclined, GenAI tools out today are far more approachable and easy to use and query than other technological advancements. So if you struggle to program the coffeemaker or blur your background in Zoom, fear not, as using some of the new tools is as simple as designing questions and follow-ups to get the answers you need. It’s your turn to use the Socratic method on AI!

“The new AI Jobs Barometer report by Big Four firm PwC has found that lawyers in roles where ‘AI skills’ are a key factor are able to get a pay premium of 49% in the US and 27% in the UK. In fact, across a range of roles, from systems analysts to marketing staff, lawyers were a group singled out as likely to get higher pay if they were able to get to grips with AI needs. In comparison, accountants – another key professional role inside all large businesses – saw only a 18% premium in the US and 5% for the UK for AI skills. First – why is this the case? PwC doesn’t really go into the specifics of the legal aspect, but this site would suggest that it’s likely because of the additional legal complexities created by AI, especially generative AI, hence lawyers with such skills and knowledge are more valuable. One only has to read the media beyond the world of legal tech to see the accumulating challenges created by such powerful technology for corporates and governments, from voice cloning and copyright issues on one side, to privacy, accuracy, and data control on the other.”

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