Inhouse Workloads Increasing Due To Crisis

Inhouse Workloads

Inhouse workloads are on the rise due to the pandemic according to a recent study. While increased workloads may lead to job security for some, for others staffing realignments will still take their toll as businesses nationwide grapple with lower demand and economic activity. Hopefully the great strides made by the medical community on treatment will continue to decrease mortality rates and lessen hospital burdens so that safe re-openings can continue. All in-house counsel should remain vigilant about their job prospects in this unsettled employment environment. In the interim, in-house counsel should continue to work on their rest ethic while grappling with greater inhouse workloads.

“A survey by LOD (Lawyers on Demand) of 383 inhouse legal and compliance professionals from over 250 companies found that 59% believed the Covid-19 crisis has increased their workload, despite the economic slowdown and drop in business activity across many sectors. Of this group, 65% said they were finding it difficult to ‘predict how long their workload will remain at this elevated level’. And that perhaps is good news for some advisory-focused Legal Services Businesses (LSBs) at least, given that when demands on inhouse teams become extreme they often increase their reliance on external support. That said, this elevated workload is not going to be sustainable, especially if inhouse teams have to do more with less resources due to economic pressures.”

Read: 59% of Inhouse Lawyers Have Increased Workload Since Crisis at Artificial Lawyer

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