2019 In-House Counsel Compensation Trends

In-House Counsel Compensation

BarkerGilmore LLC has issued their 2019 In-House Counsel Compensation Trends report and it shows what recruiters and candidates across the country are seeing. The in-house legal market is red hot, candidates are in high demand and there are plenty of General Counsel jobs to be had. Read on and download BarkerGilmore LLC’s full report to get the full scoop on current in-house counsel compensation trends.

“This year, in-house counsel reported unprecedented rates of compensation satisfaction, with over 62% of lawyers unlikely to look for a new job and almost 60% believing their compensation is appropriate in comparison to peers. Our search consultants and advisors observe this contentedness in the market daily…organizations have made compensation packages more compelling and use counter offers to retain high-performers tempted to leave…The legal world today has largely become a candidate-driven market where top attorneys have multiple career options…Because of this, the price of top legal talent increased significantly in 2018 and shows signs of continuing through 2019.”

Read: 2019 In-House Counsel Compensation Report at BarkerGilmore LLC

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