Improving Your Job Prospects Post-Coronavirus

Improving Your Job Prospects

Improving your job prospects post-Coronavirus means taking inventory of your existing skill-set and determining how it aligns with what the top in-demand skills will be. While the story of the New Normal continues to be written live, you can get a jump on improving your job prospects whether your job has already been affected or may be affected in any upcoming economic downturn. Maintaining career momentum is key, even in down markets, and the good news is that many companies need lawyers now more than ever to help them chart their way through turbulent times.

“In the past three weeks alone, 15 million people, or 10% of the workforce, have lost their jobs due to the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic…While meeting basic needs is paramount, laid-off workers should utilize this interruption in their careers to develop new skills, which will drastically help them find their next opportunity in an unpredictable post-coronavirus labor market. As the chief reskilling officer at my global talent solutions company, I work closely with companies to help identify the skills gaps in their organizations, including how to best “reskill” or “upskill” their employees to meet changing talent demands…Interested in improving your skills? These are the top five in-demand skills that workers should look to reskill or upskill.”

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