The Importance of an I-9 Form

As a recent piece at the National Law Review points out, failing to make sure that your I-9 forms are in order can lead to scrutiny not just from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) but also from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

In 2010, ICE investigated Chipotle’s hiring practices in Minnesota by auditing its I-9 Forms and hiring practices. Following that audit, Chipotle terminated approximately 450 workers whose documentation proving identity and employment authorization were problematic. In 2011, ICE proceeded to audit Chipotle’s I-9s and hiring practices in other states, including Washington, D.C.  Chipotle’s hiring practices in D.C. were referred by ICE to the US Attorney’s Criminal Division.  Subsequently the SEC subpoenaed Chipotle’s headquarters requiring that it provide information regarding employees’ work authorization, related public statements and information.

[via The Importance of an I-9 Form | The National Law Review.]

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