How to Change People’s Minds

In-house counsel, like all attorneys, are often tasked with helping change people’s minds.  Whether this is a counterparty in a transaction or an internal business counterpart, in-house counsel often have to persuade others to see it their way if an organization’s interests are going to be adequately protected:

“In business as in life, your success can be dependent upon changing other people’s minds or opinions so that they agree with your own. This is surprisingly difficult and few people do it well. That’s why bosses are often “my way or the highway”–that way they don’t need to do the hard work of “winning hearts and minds.”….being a “jerk on the other side” hardens other people’s opinions, making it more difficult to change their minds. Intelligent people–I think it’s fair to include the readers of the column in that category–usually take a different tack. They assemble an array of facts that support their own position and will thus convince other people of the error of their ways.”

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