How To Avoid Burnout Using Travel & Nature

How To Avoid Burnout

Want to learn how to avoid burnout? A recent article in the ACC Docket sheds some light on key tips and tricks to assist you. With the pandemic and ever-increasing demands being made of the legal function, lawyer burnout is increasing. Work-life balance for lawyers is achievable, but you need to know the steps, seek out new ideas and be open to long-term changes that can pay dividends in the future.

“For this month’s column, we continued our discussion with one of the primary derailers of a successful long-term legal career – burnout. Building on my 2021 article on How Positive Practices Help Reduce Burnout, I asked GCs for their practical tips to avoid burnout. While there are practices to support people recovering from burnout, adding some of these simple practices into your daily life could be enough to insulate you from burnout in the first place….Smith advocates for self-care such as good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and social connection. If you find your schedule is too tight, she suggests considering “exactly how you are spending your time” and looking for opportunities to “limit your exposure to non-critical tasks and situations and increase your investment in those that boost your energy. She also says you need to know when saying no is the right answer and not feeling guilty about it. Smith is a strong believer in the importance to taking rest and time away from work.”

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