How To Give Your Boss Feedback (And Keep Your Job)

Give Your Boss Feedback

Give your boss feedback and you may change your current work situation for the better. Provided that the feedback doesn’t get you canned, of course. Such feedback can be fraught with danger, but if handled correctly, your chances of having the door hit you on the way out can be decreased significantly. If your boss is a pie-ducker or is constantly bread-crumbing you, feedback may be needed to change your relationship for the better and make your current organization the place for you to be for the long run.

“You’ve probably heard that people don’t quit jobs; they quit bosses. In today’s hiring market with record numbers of employees resigning, that may or may not always be true. But bad bosses can definitely be a factor for employees who decide to leave. “I think that a lot of people are saying, ‘Hey, I’ve been putting up with this manager for way too long. All of a sudden, we are in an incredible job market, and I’m going to take my chances and test it out and see if there is a better fit and a better opportunity available,’”….If you’re considering leaving your job because of your manager, consider this: What if your boss is a fixer upper? A diamond in the rough? Someone who just needs some input on how to do a better job? Giving your boss feedback may not only be a way to correct your frustration; it can be helpful for your boss, too. It can also be tricky.”

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