General Counsel Directory

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Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy named Senior Vice President and General Counsel of CarePayment (4/27/18)

Jim Banowsky

Jim Banowsky named General Counsel at AmpThink (4/27/18)

Jason Ketchen

Jason Ketchen named General Counsel at PanAgora Asset Management (4/25/18)

Dev Stahlkopf

Dev Stahlkopf promoted to General Counsel of Microsoft (4/24/18)

Lori Henderson

Lori Henderson named General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Moderna Therapeutics (4/24/18)

Jean-François Séguin

Jean-François Séguin named Executive Vice President & General Counsel of Dialogue (4/24/18)

JD Ellis

JD Ellis promoted to General Counsel at Control4 (4/23/18)

Roland Luchsinger

Roland Luchsinger named Chief Legal Officer of Raiffeisen Group (4/18/18)

Daniel Auerbach

Daniel Auerbach named General Counsel of Treasure Coast Roofing & Sheet Metal Association (4/17/18)

David Fligor

David Fligor named General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at ASSIA (4/17/18)

John B. Davis

John B. Davis named Executive Vice President and General Counsel of GB Sciences (4/12/18)

Paul L. Oostburg Sanz

Paul L. Oostburg Sanz named General Counsel of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (4/12/18)

James “Jim” Savina

James "Jim" Savina named Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Wyndham Destinations (4/11/18)

Scott Palecki

Scott Palecki named General Counsel of NeuHealth Holdings (4/5/18)

Eve Saltman

Eve Saltman named Vice President, Corporate/Business Development and General Counsel of GoPro (4/5/18)

Mark Califano

Mark Califano named Chief Legal Officer and Regional Managing Director of the Americas of Nardello & Co. (4/5/18)

Jeffrey N. Neuman

Jeffrey N. Neuman named Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel at Tronox (4/4/18)

Kevin M. Kuznicki

Kevin M. Kuznicki named General Counsel of Jason's (4/4/18)

Dominick Cirelli

Dominick Cirelli named General Counsel of Atradius Trade Credit Insurance, Inc. (3/26/18)