General Counsel Directory

General Counsel Directory featuring news, announcements and promotions. If you know of a General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer news item, announcement or promotion not on the list, let us know. Want to join this list of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers? Check out our General Counsel jobs page.

Michael Hubner

Michael Hubner named General Counsel of Consumer Reports (6/4/18)

Corii Berg

Corii Berg named General Counsel of Lionsgate (6/4/18)

Monice Barbero

Monice Barbero named General Counsel of MVP Health Care (6/4/18)

James O’Malley

James O’Malley named Group General Counsel of Algeco Investments B.V. (6/4/18)

Xavier Dedullen

Xavier Dedullen named Chief Legal Officer of Ericsson (6/4/18)

James L. Gallagher

James L. Gallagher named General Counsel of Perspecta (6/1/18)

Jason Duva

Jason Duva named Chief Legal and Administrative Officer & Executive Vice President of Avid (5/31/18)

Jennifer Y. Ishiguro

Jennifer Y. Ishiguro as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of AutoGravity (5/31/18)

Florence Mas Pastor

Florence Mas Pastor named Chief Legal Officer of Arkadin (5/31/18)

Sara Ponessa

Sara Ponessa named General Counsel for FMC Lithium (5/30/18)

Dana Wagner

Dana Wagner named Chief Legal Officer of Impossible Foods (5/30/18)

Lisa Jurinka

Lisa Jurinka named Chief Legal Officer of Vacasa (5/30/18)

Shannon Thyme Klinger

Shannon Thyme Klinger named General Counsel of Novartis (5/30/18)

Nicholas Prola

Nicholas Prola named General Counsel of Professional Financial Company (5/28/18)

Gail Sharps Myers

Gail Sharps Myers named General Counsel of American Tire Distributors (5/28/18)

Shane M. Ward

Shane M. Ward named General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Bellicum Pharmaceuticals (5/29/18)

Regina Bynote Jones

Regina Bynote Jones named EVP, General Counsel and Secretary of Delek Logistics GP, LLC (5/28/18)

David Cullen

David Cullen named General Counsel of AMP (5/25/18)

Ron Cami

Ron Cami named General Counsel of Waypoint Capital (5/25/18)

Mary Beth Buchanan

Mary Beth Buchanan named General Counsel of Kraken (5/24/18)