Found in Nicaragua: Lawyer Who Billed Over 6,600 Hours Per Year

Found in Nicaragua

If you are allegedly able to bill over 24 hours in a day, people become interested in your alleged superpowers. Allegedly bending the space time continuum may make you eligible for the Space Force or an American pokey, depending on the facts and the law, even if you are found in Nicaragua. Apparently these lawyers are not as uncommon as you might think.

“I’ll infer at least two things from a headline that says you’ve been “found in Nicaragua”: (1) someone was looking for you, and (2) you weren’t supposed to be in Nicaragua. I felt pretty confident about both inferences in this case, and both turned out to be right…it turns out people were actively looking for Bill Lester, and those people were U.S. marshals…Lester, who worked as a court-appointed defense lawyer in Charleston, West Virginia, was indicted in 2016 on charges that he had overcharged the state significantly for work he didn’t do. What do I mean by “significantly”?…”

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