Distracted Lawyering – Sign of the Times

Distracted Lawyering

Distracted lawyering can cause everyone to suffer – your in-house clients, your family and your health. What was once called juggling has for some turned into a full-on distracted lawyering epidemic. Get a handle on if before it is too late.

“We’re all aware of the dangers of distracted driving, especially as handheld devices have exploded in use. Well, just as we can’t safely and effectively multitask while behind the wheel, sometimes we can’t effectively manage multiple obligations while lawyering.
As hard as we try to stay focused on work at work, we are all human. Certain times of the year and certain realities — whether family vacation, back-to-school time, medical emergencies or holidays — are going to distract us. Some of these distractions are predictable while others jump out of nowhere. And, while work matters, sometimes personal life takes priority.”

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