The Decline of Professional Courtesy

The decline of professional courtesy – and how you can combat it – courtesy of The Lawyer Whisperer:

“How professionally courteous are you? Do you respond to emails and phone calls or blow them off? Do you follow through on commitments or do you often “flake”? Are you timely or are you always late? How respectful are you of your boss’s and other colleagues’ time? As a manager, how committed are you to your team’s success?…We are living in a time where the level of courtesy professionals extend to one another is on the decline. No doubt about it – it’s tough out there. The pace is frenetic, the profession is in flux and loyalty is diminishing…So how does an oversubscribed person tackle this task? Below are a few suggestions to help you increase your professional courtesy prowess.”

Read: The Decline of Professional Courtesy at The Lawyer Whisperer

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