Cut Your Email Time In Half

Until the robots take over, we’re going to have to learn to tame e-mail overload.  Learn how to cut your email time in half:

“We have a love/hate relationship with email. Forty percent of employees wish they had less email, according to a poll by Adobe. Yet a study from email-marketing platform provider Reachmail found that 70% of us check work email after 6 p.m., and 58% typically respond to an email within one hour. “People have to understand that the email problem is largely their own fault,” says Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. “Email, for many, is an addiction. Just like sex, drugs, and gambling, checking email releases the pleasure hormone dopamine…Time spent on email is time that can be better spent on important goals or relationships, says Kruse. Here are five tips for getting control of your email habit and cutting the amount of time you spend on it in half….”

Read: How To Cut Your Email Time In Half at FastCompany

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