How To Prepare Your Contract Negotiation for Success

Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is a key role for many in-house counsel. With hectic schedules and looming deadlines, it is easy to forget to prepare your contract negotiation for success. Starting off on the right foot can often lead to a more productive process, which can be the bedrock for a successful business relationship. It’s key not to alienate people using contracts, and if you are reviewing a ton of contracts take some time to remember that a little preparation goes a long way.

“My mother always told me “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  It is true in life and true in contract negotiations.  This article explores pre-negotiation strategies to ensure you get off on the right foot with your counterparty and set the stage for a productive negotiation. In Nada Alnajafi’s book, Contract Redlining Etiquette, she shares invaluable tips on how to use redlines to make your contract negotiations efficient and effective.  But what should you do before the first redline changes hands?  Here are three tips for preparing for the negotiation.”

Source: Three Expert Tips for Preparing Your Contract Negotiation for Success – Contract Nerds