How to Address Compensation Questions During the Interview Process

Compensation Questions

If you are interviewing for in-house counsel jobs, compensation questions will inevitably arise during the interview process. How do you handle compensation questions? Listen to what the attorney search consultants at Grayson Allen have to say about the subject, as their advice may come in handy when negotiating your compensation.

“Whether you are looking for an opportunity in a city or state where the practice of requesting salary history from candidates is banned or you are looking in a state that has banned the ban (yes, that is a thing), the question of compensation is still present.  If it is not a question about your current compensation, it will be about your compensation expectations.  Next time you are asked about either, consider responding with a question of your own.  What does the position pay?  If a hire was approved, a budget was approved too.  There is a range and you are entitled to know what it is.  If the employer will not give you a compensation range, they may not be ready to hire or perhaps are not sufficiently valuing your candidacy.”

Read: How to Address Compensation Questions During the Interview Process — Grayson Allen – Attorney Search Consultants/Career Consultants

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