How to Make a Career Comeback

Career Comeback

Are you ready for a career comeback? As employer-employee relationships have changed drastically over the years, so has the view of careers generally. Gone are the days (for most) of decades of work for the same employer, and in are the days of flex work, the gig economy and employers coming and going based on radical industry transformation and disintermediation. Throughout all of this, in-house counsel may get themselves off-track, whether through self-inflicted wounds or things outside of their control. Here are some tips to get back on track and stay there and, remember, don’t overthink it:

“There’s a cautionary tale that’s been passed around the professional world for years — someone quits their job and decides to tell the boss exactly what they think of them. Fast forward a few years and this same person, at a different job, finds out they’re getting a new boss. Yep, you guessed it, the very same person they told off years ago. Urban legend or not, it’s a great lesson to be thoughtful in business affairs and never burn bridges. It’s also a strong reminder that we all make embarrassing mistakes at some point in our career….The good news is that, whatever your mistake, it is absolutely possible to make a comeback.”

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