Business Integrity to unveil NDA QuickStart at 12th Annual InsideCounsel SuperConference

Monday, April 24th kicks off the 12th annual Inside Counsel Super Conference. This year’s theme is: Elevate, Innovate, Change—From Legal Advisor to Strategic Partner. No longer just providing legal counsel, in-house attorneys have become strategic business partners within their companies. Supporting that theme, Business Integrity, a silver sponsor at the event, will be unveiling its new ContractExpress QuickStart solution for contract automation and management. According to Business Integrity, NDA QuickStart package is a fast and effective way for corporate legal departments to automate the creation and management of non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements, accelerating business.

ContractExpress brings self-service contract creation to business users by presenting them with an easy to use, browser based, business oriented questionnaire. ContractExpress’ approval process enforces compliance by allowing a business user to access a signature ready, locked PDF version of the NDA, but only if their answers are complete and compliant – as defined by Legal.

The latter functionality is already available in ContractExpress. The QuickStart bit applies to the implementation of the solution. Business Integrity’s team will work with you to automate your confidentially agreement template and train your legal and business staff, getting you off the ground “in less than a month”. In particular, state-of-the-art NDA content already configured for ContractExpress is available from Business Integrity’s content partner, Koncision Contract Automation.

Business Integrity is also offering a discount to anyone that signs up for a demo during the conference and subsequently signs up for the product by May 30th. To learn more stop by their table at the conference or email them at if you’re not going to attend.

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