The Danger of Being Too Aggressive in Today’s Job Market

Being Too Aggressive

Being too aggressive in this legal job market can backfire, as The Lawyer Whisperer points out in a recent column. Candidates for legal jobs have to strike a balance between being earnest and overwhelming, and it is not easy. The market is robust, but competition is fierce. In some cases, it may be best to sit back, confident in your application, and let nature take its course. In others, leaving no stone unturned may be appropriate. Working with a legal recruiter can help you make these calls.

“A hiring manager conducted a search to add a mid/senior level lawyer to her team. She received several resumes that were referred to her by current employees. One person’s background looked especially good so an interview was scheduled. Before that meeting, the candidate contacted three internal employees with whom he had a weak connection and asked them questions about the company and the role. Those employees alerted the hiring manager. The candidate also had three outside individuals email or call the hiring manager to recommend him for the position. The Outcome: Interview cancelled.”

Read: The Danger of Being Too Aggressive in Today’s Job Market. at The Lawyer Whisperer

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