How to Become an In-House Leader

Sonya Olds Som, Managing Director at MLA Global, and veteran in-house counsel Megan M. Belcher share their thoughts on the path to in-house leadership:

“Unlocking the path to in-house leadership can be complex and, at times, a bit of a mystery. However, with the right strategies and resources, lawyers striving to be leaders in their legal departments and beyond can ascend along that path by leveraging deliberate attention to progress. This article seeks to demystify the “how” part of the path to in-house leadership, sharing eight key strategies for in-house lawyers aspiring to lead. Whether it be by spending time “knowing thyself,” or building an authentic brand and influential personal  board of directors, these strategies each offer resources and expert perspectives on how to leverage those strategies to the lawyer’s advantage..”

Read: How to Leverage Key Strategies to Fuel Your Path to In-House Leadership at MLA Global

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