Always Be Learning to Always Be Growing

Always Be Learning

To always be growing in your legal career, you must always be learning. Many successful lawyers embrace this concept, while others are stuck in a nose-down rut trying to put out fires all day without taking time to embrace continual learning. The demands facing in-house counsel are ever-increasing, especially during tumultuous times. However, embracing learning leads to growth that can make an in-house counsel more effective, efficient and valuable – all of which have personal and organizational benefits. Learning can be a process of trial and error, and mistakes will be made, but to advance you need to embrace new responsibilities and keep your career moving forward.

“No lawyer should assume their education is over at any point in their career — and certainly not upon graduation from law school. That’s when the real education about what it takes to be a successful lawyer truly begins. Successful lawyers, like successful people in all walks of life, are lifelong learners who never stop growing. If you don’t making learning a priority, you’ll become stagnant. You won’t get any smarter. And you’ll have trouble advancing in your career. On the other hand, if you commit to getting a bit more informed by exposing yourself to new ideas every day, your potential will be limitless. Just as small monthly deposits into a 401(k) account compound into big returns over decades, an investment in yourself will pay huge dividends over the course of your career….The practice of law is hard and stressful. There are tremendous demands on your time. But if you want to get ahead, you need to set aside the time to learn and continuously grow and improve. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.””

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