Alcohol and Mental Health Issues Prevalent Among Attorneys

A recent study is reinforcing earlier research and studies – attorneys have higher rates of alcohol and mental health issues than the general public.  As the authors of the study relate, the data underscores “the need for greater resources for lawyer assistance programs, and also the expansion of available attorney-specific prevention and treatment interventions”:

“Lawyers have been the butt of jokes for centuries. Even Shakespeare took them on (”Let’s kill all the lawyers” in Henry VI). While many in the profession laugh off the digs, the profession does have two big problems: The drinking and depression rates for lawyers are much higher than those of the general public. According to a study presented Saturday at the 2016 American Bar Association Midyear Meeting, the amount of problem drinking and mental health symptoms found in the legal profession is far higher than previously believed. This is particularly prevalent in younger practitioners.”

Read: Lawyers Drinking, Depression Rates Much Higher Than General Public at the Guardian Liberty Voice

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