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The Supreme Court, Judge Roberts and Business

by Editors on July 21, 2005

The Business Law Prof Blog reports on Judge John Robert’s nomination and his potential impact on business:

"There is quiet relief in the business community over the President’s nomination of Judge John Roberts for a position on the United States Supreme Court.  His position as an appellate lawyer in a top-flight Washington law firm (he argued cases that had been appealed from trail courts in the federal court system), exposed him to the leaders of the business community and their legal concerns and problems.  He will appreciate the business community’s need for clear legal rules that facilitate planning, for some operating freedom in which businesses can compete, and for judge’s who can anticipate the problematic secondary impacts of even well-intentioned rules.  He also apparently has an ear for arguments that favor international and interstate trade."

Link: Business Law Prof Blog: The Supreme Court, Judge Roberts and Business.


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