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The Headquarter-Less Law Firm

by Editors on December 18, 2006

Peter Lattman at the WSJ Law Blog reports on the advent of law firms without headquarters – a by-product of the mega-mergers that have swept the legal services industry.  The question for in-house counsel is – do you care? What if law firms slowly migrated to the virtual workforce model and dispensed with offices altogether? Should wood-paneling manufacturers be nervous?

"One thing that stuck out in yesterday’s merger announcement of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham and Preston Gates & Ellis: The firms’ officials insisted that the firm would have no specific headquarters.

For the Law Blog and reporters who cover Big Law, we’re often faced with this interesting situation: law firms born in cities other than New York often find being associated with their hometowns anathema. Recently a partner in the New York office of Morgan Lewis & Bockius — a firm with Philadelphia roots — pleaded with us not to call Morgan Lewis a Philly-based firm."

Link: Law Blog – � The Headquarter-Less Law Firm.

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