Law Firms

AFAs Soar to an All-Time High

by Editors on April 21, 2016

Can $1,500 per Hour Be Good Value?

by Editors on April 19, 2016

RFPs from Law Departments Hit 15-Year High

by Editors on February 17, 2016

Legal Billing Rates – From $1,500 to $0 an Hour

by Editors on February 9, 2016

GC: Law Firms Not Needed at Business Meetings

by Editors on February 5, 2016

Biglaw CEO Predicts Shrinking Law Departments

by Editors on November 17, 2015

Get Commodity Work Done by Biglaw on the Cheap

by Editors on November 12, 2015

7 Ways To Make In-House Lawyers Happy

by Editors on November 10, 2015

Benefits of Being an In-house Lawyer (Humor)

by Editors on October 14, 2015

Corporate Counsel Shift Work Back to Law Firms

by Editors on October 9, 2015

Chart: Who Represents America’s Biggest Companies

by Editors on September 21, 2015

UK firm pioneers contract robots “for” lawyers

by Editors on September 16, 2015

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