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Biglaw CEO Predicts Shrinking Law Departments

by Editors on November 17, 2015

Get Commodity Work Done by Biglaw on the Cheap

by Editors on November 12, 2015

7 Ways To Make In-House Lawyers Happy

by Editors on November 10, 2015

Benefits of Being an In-house Lawyer (Humor)

by Editors on October 14, 2015

Corporate Counsel Shift Work Back to Law Firms

by Editors on October 9, 2015

Chart: Who Represents America’s Biggest Companies

by Editors on September 21, 2015

UK firm pioneers contract robots “for” lawyers

by Editors on September 16, 2015

NYTimes: Legal Profession a Brutal Environment

by Editors on August 19, 2015

Robot Attorney gets BigLaw Gig

by Editors on August 14, 2015

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