Law Department Management

In-house lawyer as in-house innovator

by Editors on February 14, 2014

Rent An In-House Lawyer For A Day

by Editors on January 21, 2014

Breaking the reactive cycle in-house

by Editors on December 17, 2013

More Law Departments Done With Billable Hours?

by Editors on December 1, 2013

Managing the broader role of in-house counsel

by Editors on November 5, 2013

Leading a law department, the inside scoop

by Editors on September 26, 2013

More in-house law departments cutting firms loose

by Editors on September 24, 2013

BigLaw Hourly Billing Rates Continue to Rise

by Editors on July 16, 2013

BigLaw Flunks Basic Tech Skills Tests

by Editors on May 30, 2013

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