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Recruiters List the Resume Essentials for GC Wannabes

by Editors on September 5, 2007

Want to be a General Counsel but not sure you have what it takes? A recent article at includes ten resume essentials that can help you seal the deal:

“For corporations looking for lawyers, its a buyers market, so they can be picky about who gets in-house legal jobs.

“Everybody wants to go in-house,” said Raj M. Nichani, vice president of Hughes & Sloan Inc., a 19-year-old Atlanta-based legal search firm. “There are not enough jobs.”

Four other legal recruiters confirmed this assessment, noting that while law firm jobs are plentiful, in-house positions make up less than 10 percent of the openings they fill but attract 15 to 20 extremely well-qualified applicants for each one.

What the recruiters have noticed over the years is that lawyers with certain types of skill sets — and mind-sets — tend to land the in-house posts.”

Read more and see the list of ten resume essentials at

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