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ESPN’s Social Media Policy May Assist Its Competitors

by Editors on August 28, 2011

ESPN is good for things other than its coverage of sports, as Shear on Social Media points out:

ESPN has been at the cutting edge of sports coverage since its launch on September 7, 1979. Its slogan is "The Worldwide Leader in Sports". As a longtime ESPN customer, I have always been interested in the wide variety of programming that ESPN has to offer. From its news to its original series to its game telecasts, ESPN does an excellent job of covering the world of sports.

ESPN first created a Social Media Policy for its employees in August 2009. The network’s initial policy was heavily criticized and within hours of it becoming public ESPN publicly explained the policy. Within the last couple of days, ESPN has has updated its Social Media Policy or as it is officially called, its "Social Networking For Talent and Reporters" Policy.

[via Shear on Social Media Law: ESPN’s Social Media Policy May Assist Its Competitors.]

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