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Koncision Contract Automation: The Future of Contract Drafting, If You’re Lucky

by Editors on November 8, 2011

Ken Adams, author of A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, is a leading authority on clear and effective contract language. When you take into account his scholarship, his commitment, and the way he engages with the transactional world, Ken is a formidable force in the contract drafting world.

In a recent chat with Ken, he explained that his work on guidelines for contract language represents a means to an end — commoditizing contract drafting, so that lawyers can devote more time to higher-value tasks. He mentioned that he was about to launch his venture Koncision Contract Automation, which would offer document-assembly contract templates.

Well, that has now happened, in a modest way, as Koncision’s first product—a confidentiality-
agreement template for the U.S. market—is now available. Go to for plenty of information on what Koncision has to offer.

You can get an NDA for next to nothing from the likes of LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, and you can find plenty of NDAs online for free. But no self-respecting deal person would be caught dead using them. What Koncision has to offer is something very different. The language in Koncision’s template complies with Ken’s guidelines, so it’s clear as can be. The substance has been compiled with the help of an editorial board of experienced practitioners. And the template is powered by ContractExpress, a market-leading document-assembly software package.

Because Ken not only compiled the template language but also automated it, the result is a very
sophisticated bit of document assembly. To create an NDA, you answer an online questionnaire, complete with authoritative guidance. ContractExpress is logic-driven, so as you answer questions, the remainder of the questionnaire will adjust itself as necessary to reflect your answers. The template can be used for any kind of NDA, whether it’s for an M&A transaction or part of an ongoing commercial relationship.

If you are looking for a contact automation solution that would allow you to save time and money while creating top-notch NDAs, you should give Koncision a look and ask yourself whether the benefits it offers are worth the modest price of the subscription options. Let us hear your feedback!

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