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Angry In-House Counsel & The Perfect Storm of 2008

by Editors on February 22, 2008

InhouseBlog just stumbled upon a blawg that will be dear to the hearts of in-house counsel – D. Michael Grodhaus’ The Alternative Fee Lawyer blawg, which is described an “Ohio business lawyer’s reflections on alternatives to the billable hour in setting legal fees for business clients.”  If you’re having heartburn over potential $200,000 starting salaries for first year associates this may be the blawg for you.

The Alternative Fee Lawyer: Angry In-House Counsel & The Perfect Storm of 2008

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Mike Grodhaus March 10, 2008 at 12:20 pm


Thank you for mentioning my blog. It is my hope that in-house counsel everywhere will find it useful and informative. As has been stated at several other blogs, including mine, our profession will not abandon or even drastically cut back on reliance on the billable hour unless clients demand it. In-house lawyers are the leading clients of law firms everywhere, so until in-house lawyers begin to demand of their outside counsel more creative ways to bill than just hours x rate, the current corporate frustration with ever-increasing legal fees will continue. The target audience of your blog has the power to change that, and it is my hope that over the next several years, more and more corporate law departments will at least begin experimenting with one or more forms of alternative billing.

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