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An Overview of Selected SEC Resources on the Web

by Editors on January 3, 2007

Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen of provide an updated pathfinder to SEC resources on the Internet – is another great legal resource that you should add to your blogreader foro 2007:

"Looking back, and looking forward, the end of the year is often a time to reflect, and we’ve started with reviewing some of our older columns. In July 2001, our column described guides to SEC filings, helping researchers identify specific filings with brief descriptions of what they might contain. In looking back, we see that a number of the resources cited have either moved to new spots on the Web or have disappeared. However, our need for SEC filings, understanding SEC acronyms, and general securities research has neither disappeared nor diminished. We offer this column on Securities and Exchange filings as well as selected guides to SEC research as a pathfinder to assist those who are challenged by the complexities of this area of the law."

Link: – Reference From Coast to Coast – An Overview of Selected SEC Resources on the Web.

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