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AmLaw Global 100: 2005

by Editors on November 6, 2005

Bruce MacEwen at Adam Smith, Esq., has posted results of the AmLaw Global 100 for 2005, the definitive listing of the world’s largest law firms.  Here are some of Bruce’s initial thoughts – don’t forget to check his site over the next few days as he continues to digest the results:

"Next year it will definitely take $1-billion to make the top ten.  For comparison, two publicly traded companies that have almost exactly $1-billion in revenue are JetBlue and Harley-Davidson.  Ask yourself how many Americans (or Brits, for that matter) recognize the top ten firms here.
When UK firms are big, they tend to be very big—here taking four of the top ten slots.  But after the big boys, their size tails off rather sharply.  Even highly prominent London firms such as Lovells (#24), DLA (#30), Eversheds (#33), and Slaughter & May (#36) have, relatively speaking, a smaller international footprint than, say, the AmLaw 5-10.

The distribution curve is interesting:   As with the structure of many industries, being "moderately large" is common relative to "really large.""

Link: Adam Smith, Esq.: AmLaw Global 100: 2005.